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Fire Extinguishers & Cylinders

All portable fire extinguishers used in commercial buildings are required by the State Fire Marshal of Texas to be inspected annually. DFW Fire Equipment partners with local fire protection companies to inspect, test and refill their equipment. We are a DOT certified facility and hold fire extinguishing and hydrostatic testing licenses with the State of Texas. 

We commonly work on ABC, BC, K-Guard, CO2 (carbon dioxide), Halon 1211 and Purple-K extinguishers. The only extinguishers we are unable to service are those with plastic valves. Over time plastic valves can become weak and crack, which can make servicing these types of extinguishers dangerous.

DFW Fire Equipment can test and fill the following types of fire extinguishers:

  • Dry Chemical
  • ABC
  • BC
  • Purple K
  • K Extinguishers
  • Foam
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • Halon 1211
  • Halotron
  • FE-36

In addition, DFW Fire Equipment provides filling and recovery service for clean agent fire suppression cylinders. Clean agents we can fill include:

  • Halon 1301
  • NOVEC 1230 (Sapphire)
  • FM-200 (HFC-227ea)
  • Ecaro-25 (FE-25, HFC-125)
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • Inergen
  • FE-13

ABC Fire Extinguishers

ABC Fire Extinguishers



We are located west of Downtown Dallas just across the Trinity River. You’ll find us on the west side of Beckley Avenue between Continental and Singleton. Parking and loading docks are available in the front.

2709 North Beckley Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208

(214) 742-5873


Our shop closes for 30 minutes daily at noon for lunch. Dry ice sales end at 4pm.

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