CO2, O2 & Nitrogen

Cylinder Testing Services

Our shop is equipped to perform pressure tests on CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) cylinders as well as fill CO2 tanks for beer kegs and soda fountains. Whether you operate a restaurant and have hundreds of cylinders or have a a single tank for your personal kegerator, we’ll be happy to help you.

Because CO2 cylinders are under high pressure, they need to be inspected and tested regularly to ensure that they remain safe.  We can inspect and test your CO2 bottle for you when you bring it in to be filled. 

In addition to CO2, we can also test Oxygen and Nitrogen cylinders and we are DOT certified to perform both hydrostatic tests and leak checks on aircraft Oxygen assemblies.  

Please note that we are not an FAA repair station, and therefore unable to fill or overhaul aircraft Oxygen bottles or valves, perform valve repairs to Oxygen bottles or service Oxygen bottles that connect to the engine of your aircraft. Click here to search for licensed FAA repair stations.

Sorry, but we do not carry medical grade Oxygen.

Pressurized Oxygen Cylinders

Pressurized Oxygen Cylinders



We are located west of Downtown Dallas just across the Trinity River. You’ll find us on the west side of Beckley Avenue between Continental and Singleton. Parking and loading docks are available in the front.

2709 North Beckley Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208

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Our shop closes for 30 minutes daily at noon for lunch. Dry ice sales end at 4pm.

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