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Dry ice is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide (or CO2).  Carbon dioxide is a very common naturally occurring molecule that consists of a carbon atom covalently double bonded to two oxygen atoms. It is commonly referred to as dry ice because, unlike water ice it does not melt. Dry ice actually sublimates, which means it changes from a solid into a gas.

Dry ice is much colder than water ice and has many uses including shrinking pipe fittings, shipping frozen foods, transporting biological specimens and removing small dings in metal. When placed in water, dry ice creates a fog that is sometimes used for special effects.

Dry ice is a hazardous material and should be handled with care and caution.  Always make sure you know how to properly handle and transport dry ice before doing so. 


We sell dry ice by the block on a per-pound basis.  A block of dry ice is approximately one square foot and will weigh about 50lbs. The ice is weighed when it is removed from our storage container and then sliced into smaller pieces. Smaller quantities are available in half-block and 10lbs sizes for a flat rate.

After it is cut, the ice will be wrapped in heavy duty brown paper, but will still be very cold.  We advise that you bring gloves with you to handle the ice safely. 

We offer wholesale pricing for larger orders placed in advance and delivery options for customers who set-up weekly, recurring orders.


Dry ice should be stored in an insulated container such as a styrofoam box or picnic cooler. To make your dry ice last as long as possible, protect the dry ice from the surrounding air by filling the empty space in your cooler with newspaper and towels.  Keeping the air from coming in contact with the dry ice will slow down the sublimation process.  Dry ice will last for 2-3 days when properly stored.


Do Not Touch Dry Ice: Dry ice is so cold that it can cause serious burns.  Handle dry ice with tongs, thick mitts or towels and avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Dry Ice Can Cause Suffocation: Always make sure there is sufficient ventilation when using dry ice. This is especially important in small, closed areas (like your car) because as dry ice sublimates, (turns from a solid to a gas) it removes the oxygen from the air and can cause breathing issues if the area is not ventilated properly.  Never store dry ice where people sleep.

Do Not Swallow Dry Ice: If you are using dry ice in a beverage, you may drink the beverage, but be very careful not to swallow any pieces of the dry ice.  If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.

Do Not Store Dry Ice In An Air-Tight Or Glass Container: Doing so can cause pressure build-up as the dry ice changes from a solid to a gas and the container could explode.  Never store dry ice in a refrigerator or freezer.

Always Supervise Children: Dry ice is a hazardous material. Children should not handle dry ice and should be closely supervised when within close proximity of dry ice.

Dry Ice

Dry Ice



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Our shop closes for 30 minutes daily at noon for lunch. Dry ice sales end at 4pm.

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